Alpine White

Made  from our LaCrescent grapes, this wine will burst with citrus and pineapple flavors. Enjoy chilled while chillin out with this crisp, refreshing breath of fresh air in a bottle.

Remember Me Red

This wine is special to us and is a tribute to our grandparents. We are donating a portion of the sale of each bottle to Alzheimers research. This red blend is perfectly balanced. We hope you remember and cherish your loved ones.

Day Dreamer

Soak up the sun and dream your day away while enjoying this delicious tropical treat. Made from our La Crescent grapes, it’s a fruity, semi-sweet white wine with aromas of apricot, tangerine and other tropical fruits.  

Petite Pearl

Our estate grown Petite Pearl has been aged in French oak to highlight it’s vibrancy and richness all while maintaining if fresh fruitiness. We hope you enjoy its dark garnet color, strong tannin structure and smooth full finish.


Made from the Edelweiss grape grown at our vineyard, this is a crisp, slightly acidic white wine. Its an ode the the edelweiss flower that grows high in the cold Swiss Alps. We grow our Edelweiss in the hills of New Glarus! 


Our Carmenere’ is a beautiful dark, oaked red with a slight attitude. Sassy and full of flavor, enjoy this red as you savor the meaning of life in all its fullness. 

True Story

We find ourselves telling stories and these are our “true stories”. Whether it’s how big your fish was that you caught or whether it’s a plausible story, let our True Story help you tell your True Story. A delicious white wine with a story to tell! 

Summer Haze

Easy drinking, summer sippin & refreshing. Our Summer Haze is a semi-sweet, dark rose’ wine made from the Frontenac grape grown here in Wisconsin.

Get your haze on this summer – cheers!

Seyval Blanc

Our Seyval Blanc is a light-bodied, crisp white wine. It has notes of honeydew, melon, grapefruit and nectarine all balanced with a fresh acidity and long finish. This wine stays true to its varietal character.     

In the Mood

When your done with this bottle, we hope you’re in the mood” – for what you ask? …that’s for you to decide!

This is a sweet rose’ wine made from Catawba grapes. Serve chilled.

Strawberry Fume'

We hope you think of your summers as a kid  when you drink our Strawberry Fume’.  Lightly sweet, it will take you back to your youth. Just like a sweet juicy strawberry –  enjoy! 


Cuddle up with your cuddle-bear with our sweet pink rose’. We’ve taken our edelweiss grapes and kissed them with a bit of Frontenac to add that romantic flare. 

Apple Cranberry

This is a creative wine to make, we take apple juice and freeze it solid, then we let it thaw and draw the concentrated juice off. We add a kiss of cranberry wine to perfect this delicious treat. Best chilled.

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