Featuring Live Music Every Weekend, Year-Round!

Friday, May 27th, 2-5 pm Live Music w/James Crockett

James grew up in East Madison and Deerfield, WI. And has always had a passion for music. Early influences were wide-ranging and inlcudes Elvis, James Taylor, Frank Sinatra, KISS, The Outlaws, Elton John, The Stones, The Beatles, Springsteen and John Denver. Today he is currently doing what he’s always dreamed of doing; performing tunes by artists he’s been inspired by and doing tunes that people know and love. 

Saturday, May 28th, 3-6 pm Live Music w/Beth Kille

Beth Kille is a 22-time Madison Area Music Association (MAMA) award winning artist from Madison, WI who has been cranking out Americana Rock tunes since 2000. From the intimacy of house concerts and coffee houses, to rockin’ out with her band at summer festivals, her love for the stage and genuine passion for performance shine through in all settings. Her stage prowess was recognized in 2011 when she received Artist of the Year honors at the Madison Area Music Awards – a rare accomplishment for a solo artist. She has also been honored twice with the MAMA for Female Vocalist of the Year (’06, ’10) and was nominated for Singer-Songwriter of the Year in 2014 by the Wisconsin Area Music Industry (WAMI).

Sunday, May 29th, 2-5 pm Live Music w/Kirstie Kraus

Kirstie Kraus carries her thirst in her songwriting, in her live shows, and in her everyday connection with other kindred spirits. Nowhere is her appetite more quenched than on a stage in front of her fans, appropriately named “Thirsties”. Her confidence naturally shines under the bright lights, taking concert goers on a well-defined path of self-discovery and bliss. Her writing infuses her own transparent journey with others’ experiences to create sustainable lyrics and catchy melodies. The result is a perfect blend of country, funk, blues, and rock because with Kirstie, there are no boundaries.

Wednesday, 6/1 - Pizza Palooza Night!

All you can Eat Pizza along with Drinks & a Great Time! We will also feature pizza’s not found on our regular menu. This is a Limited Ticket Event – only $25. Your ticket also comes with 2 Drink Tickets.  Get Your Tickets Here –

Friday, 6/3, 5-8 PM - Live Music w/Erin Krebs Dou

Erin grew up in Southern Wisconsin where she showed a love of music at an early age. Erin often works in a duo with her partern, guitarist Jeff Johston. With 30 plus years of performing, he has develped a well-traveled musical fluency that compliments Erin’s extensive repertoire and songwriting style. Together they provide a dynamic and versatile musical experience for their audience.  

Saturday, 6/4, 3-6 PM - Live Music w/Tent Show Troubadours

Tent Show Troubadours perform originals and favorite covers in the bucolic setting at Bailey’s Run.

Sunday, 6/5, 2-5 PM - Live Music w/Just Dave

Just Dave is a Looping Artist/ one-man band playing all the instruments a band would play, one at a time through recording pedals, so it sounds more like a band than a guy singing & strumming a git-fiddle! Throwing comedy in here & there, he’s highly interactive with a crowd & never takes breaks during his shows! 


May 1st        LIVE MUSIC w/The Dawg Bones | 2-5pm

May 6th        LIVE MUSIC w/Candace Griffin | 5-8pm

May 7th        Remember Me Red 5K FUN RUN | 10 AM

May 7th        LIVE MUSIC  w/Ryan Casey | 11am-2pm

May 7th        LIVE MUSIC w/Diamonds & Lead | 3-6pm

May 8th        LIVE MUSIC w/Shekinah King | 2-5pm


May 13th      LIVE MUSIC w/The Tom & Larry Show | 5-8pm

May 14th      LIVE MUSIC w/Gin Mill Hollow | 3-6pm

May 15th      LIVE MUSIC w/Two County Lines | 2-5pm

May 20th      LIVE MUSIC w/S & S Duo | 5-8pm

May 21st      LIVE MUSIC w/Vehicle 6 | 3-6pm

May 22nd     LIVE MUSIC w/Soggy Prairie | 2-5pm

May 27th      LIVE MUSIC w/James Crockett | 5-8pm

May 28th      LIVE MUSIC w/Beth Kille | 3-6pm

May 29th      LIVE MUSIC w/Kirstie Kraus | 2-5pm


June 3rd            LIVE MUSIC w/Erin Krebs | 5-8pm


June 4th            LIVE MUSIC w/Tent Show Troubadors | 3-6pm


June 5th            LIVE MUSIC w/Just Dave | 2-5pm 


June 10th          LIVE MUSIC w/Squirrel Gravy | 5-8pm


June 11th          LIVE MUSIC w/The Honey Pies | 3-6pm


June 12th          LIVE MUSIC w/Top Shelf | 2-5pm


June 17th          LIVE MUSIC w/Lou Shields | 5-8pm


June 18th           LIVE MUSIC w/Mark Croft | 3-6pm


June 19th           LIVE MUSIC w/The Michael Mikrut Band | 2-5pm


June 24th           LIVE MUSIC w/King Sies Fries | 5-8pm


June 25th           LIVE MUSIC w/Straight 8’s | 3-6pm


June 26th           LIVE MUSIC w/John Gay | 2-5pm


July 1st         LIVE MUSIC w/James Crockett | 5-8pm



July 2nd        LIVE MUSIC w/The Beth Kille Band | 3-6pm



July 3rd         LIVE MUSIC w/The Dawg Bones | 2-5pm



July 8th         LIVE MUSIC w/Drew Halverson | 5-8pm



July 9th         LIVE MUSIC w/Gin Mill Hollow | 12-3pm


July 9th         LIVE MUSIC w/CHASING DENVER | 4-7pm



July 10th       LIVE MUSIC w/The Cuz | 2-5pm



July 15th       LIVE MUSIC w/Tom Winkers | 5-8pm



July16th        LIVE MUSIC w/Diamonds & Lead | 3-6pm



July 17th       LIVE MUSIC w/S&S Duo | 2-5pm



July 22nd      LIVE MUSIC w/Kylar Kuzio | 5-8pm



July 23rd       LIVE MUSIC w/Alpha Romeos | 3-6pm



July 24th       LIVE MUSIC w/Tayler Sherek Duo | 2-5pm



July 29th       LIVE MUSIC w/Kendra Swanson | 5-8pm



July 30th       LIVE MUSIC w/That Gurl | 3-6pm



July 31st       LIVE MUSIC w/Two County Lines | 2-5pm


Aug 5th              LIVE MUSIC w/King Sies Fries | 5-8pm


Aug 6th              LIVE MUSIC w/Straight 8’s | 3-6pm


Aug 7th              LIVE MUSIC w/Top Shelf | 2-5pm


Aug 12th            LIVE MUSIC w/Bill Rients | 5-8pm


Aug 13th            LIVE MUSIC w/Vehicle 6 | 3-6pm


Aug 14th            LIVE MUSIC w/Just Dave | 2-5pm


Aug 19th            LIVE MUSIC w/Lou Shields | 5-8pm


Aug 20th            LIVE MUSIC w/Mark Croft Duo | 3-6pm


Aug 21st            LIVE MUSIC w/Erin Krebs Duo | 2-5pm 


Aug 26th            LIVE MUSIC w/Back2Back | 5-8pm


Aug 27th            LIVE MUSIC w/Tent Show Troubadors | 3-6pm


Aug 28th            LIVE MUSIC w/The Rascal Theory | 2-5pm